Think & Grow Rich Lessons
David Brown Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Posted: 2016-06-21

Chapter 2 Desire

I had an eye opening experience this week that I’d like to share in this lesson, Desire “The First Step toward Riches”.

For the last 40 years of my life I’ve “Dreamed” of building a large network marketing organization and becoming successful in this industry. Countless hours through the years have been spent on forming plans then analyzing the difficulties and possibilities to death. Now I know that hesitation brings doubt and they both crystallize into Fear, “we're not going there” anymore.

This chapter is rich with stories of dreams and “Dreamers”; I understand them all so completely because I myself am a dreamer. Hill teaches “that most people never learn the art of transmuting their “Strongest Emotions” into dreams of a constructive nature”.

I’ve been around mlm for a long time and have very successful friends who earn a nice six figure income. I’ve watched them work endlessly, make it big only to lose it all and build it again. I understand the failure rate is over 95% and yet I still dream of success refusing to just give up.

So I ask myself, are the Benefits of building a large network marketing team and making a ton of money MY Strongest Emotion and I really wasn’t surprised at my answer, “No”. But wait all these years of this all-consuming obsession haunting me day and night. I accepted that MLM must be my “Destiny”.

Now I’m faced with a quandary, where is my strongest emotion focused? The answer came as quickly as the no did earlier, to be a Godly man, to be Christ like. That’s My White Hot Burning Desire; it always has been, No Question.

When you’re honest with yourself and ready to hear the truth, it comes easily. The truth is, I desire to go into partnership with the creator of all things “Almighty God” to discover and live my God given destiny in this life and the everlasting life to come. Does network marketing have a place in my life? Well Jesus was an incredible networker.

Thank you Michael and everyone engaged in this life changing experience. David