Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ryan McChesney Tampa, Florida, United States

Posted: 2016-06-21

Chapter 2



Desire is the starting point for us to take action towards our goals. We first must have a thought that is backed by a burning desire in order for us to take action and achieve our goals. Have you ever thought about how much desire a child has when they come up with a thought? How about yourself when you were a kid? Did you have this idea for a game that popped up in your mind, and then your desire took over to invite other kids to play this game with you? Think about that for a moment. Children will go right up to other children to play a game that they thought of, and ask if they want to join them. And most children will go and play the game because the one that invited them had so much belief and confidence in this game. Sound familiar?


Speaking of children, I have four nieces, and only have one nephew, which is only six years young. He absolutely loves sports, especially baseball. And as I was with my family this past weekend, I just couldn’t help but see how much of a burning desire my nephew has for baseball. He is always wanting to play and practice. He doesn’t care what time of the day it is, he wants to play. And if he isn’t out practicing, then he would be playing a baseball video game.


But the thing that admires me most of my nephew, besides his desire, is his confidence. This kid is already standing in the batter’s box facing high school softball pitchers when he out at the softball practice (which my two sisters and father coach softball). Think about that for a minute…a six year young kid is not afraid to go up against high school pitchers. And best of all, he will even put the ball in play against him!


We all can learn some traits from children from time to time. For me, my nephew gave me a great reminder of how I acted as a young boy at his age. My desire was so strong that you couldn’t take baseball or sports out of me. I even used to have my baseball glove in my bed, instead of a stuffed animal when I was younger.  There was one thought in my mind, and nobody was going to deny me of it, and that was to play professional baseball. And guess what? Because of that burning desire and love for baseball, I ultimately became a professional baseball player.


I want to conclude my lesson with this, if we take the approach and desire as a child has when inviting others to join him in his new, made up game, where would we be at in our business?


Ryan McChesney

Tampa, Florida