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Anthony Mitchell Vallejo, Ca, United States

Posted: 2016-06-20

Desire Chapter 2

Today as I listen to the leadership call and after reading, and re-reading this chapter on desire, I am filled and inspired as I am awaken in my spirit more and more, and I am aware that no one can stop me, absolutely no one can stop me  from completing and fulfilling my dreams but me; and me alone.

“How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything”

Hill tells us that, “Anything we can conceive, we can achieve.” “If you are COACHABLE, we can GUARANTEE your success.”

As I continued to listen to the leadership call this Monday, Michael explained some powerful insights as he read the lesson plan turned in by “Celeste Smucker”, here is what struck me!!!

“In Hill's six step formula for transmuting desires into their financial equivalent, step 2 says we must state what we intend to give in return for success.  I always interpreted that to mean what actions would I be willing to take to have a viable many contacts would I be willing to make?  How many follow up calls? How many training calls would I be willing to attend?”

All of this statement is so true and how much more of everything are we individually willing to put into our own personal development as we grow our Legacy

Being all in, and being coachable is the key to my success and your success and of course we need a powerful why and it has to move us to where we will do whatever it takes to get to the next level in our life and business.

What I have learned and now understand from Tom Big Al was that I needed to learn the skills in mastering the words that I use to communicate to others and by creating a picture in someone subconscious mind that he or she can see what I see to and help them understand that we can become significant the moment we choose to.

Today now right now I truly desire to help others and to create a legacy of positive change in the world around me, to empower, and to inspire, motivate and truly encourage others to find their greatness from within by helping them discover their true purpose in life and I could not have found a better place to build lifelong relationships and find a more committed mentor who wants to see my success as much as I do.

Today, I now know that my life and also your life is actually God’s idea, and He has put us here for a purpose, His purpose. So question to you, what is your heart’s desire? Whatever it is I believe it was given to you on purpose and for the purpose of sharing God’s Love.  “Wow” “Wow” “Wow”

Today we all have choices, and we all have a choice that we can be influenced by assumptions of others or by our own assumptions of our own mind. Being all in and being coachable is the key; just because people begin and stop or just plain quit, understand this!!! people quit things all the time, people look for reason to quit they have been programmed that way, and we have to get over it; and they have to be coachable and open to fully implementing the blueprint for success. Most people do not see what you and I see, and this doesn’t mean something does not work.  Understand this most things work if we actually work them and we are coachable. 

 Listen to what Hill explains in this chapter, “Remember, too that all who succeed in life get off to bad start, and pass through many heartbreaking struggles before they “arrive”. The turning point in the lives of those who succeed usually comes at the moment of some crisis, through which they are introduced to their “other selves”.

Hill also explains in this chapter and I quote “Before passing on to the next chapter, kindle anew in your mind the fire of hope, faith, courage, and the tolerance. If you have these states of mind, and a working knowledge of the principles described, all else that you need will come to you, when you are ready for it.

Being all in and being coachable on this lifelong success journey is what I have discovered as the key, as I found my mentors Michael and Linda Dlouhy, only God knows the actual set up, and along this path and process I also found many others involved in this Mastermind plan for our success. Praise the Lord and thank you!!!

Today I am grateful for each and every one of you who have been able to preserver and be coachable through it all; I am thankful that you didn’t let someone stop you from your pursuit of a lifelong dreams and I am grateful for all the hard work that has gone before me to help me and others see are way clear.

Special thanks, again to Michael and Linda and each of you who make up this powerful Mastermind team and for helping me stay laser focused and helping me press into my desire and understand no matter what it may have looked like in the beginning, in the end I will live out my purpose.

Blessing to you all,
Anointed for Business
Marketplace Min. Anthony C. Mitchell
Vallejo, CA
Be blessed as you are a blessing to others!
“I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health,
just as your soul prospers “ 3 John 2”

P.S.. I am having the Greatest day of my life, in hot pursuit of my desires!!!