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Anton Koker Stoughton, MA, United States

Posted: 2016-06-20

Desire - The Beginning and the End of Achievement All at Once - Passion

   Taking a little liberty with Hill's subtitle, I added the "End of Achievement" as well. For me, when I desire something, I mentally create a model of the achievement. The model is not merely a full-color picture, but a multi-dimentional concept, beyond even 3-D, including things like time and light. Kind of a mental hologram, virtual reality.
   When I was in middle and high school I found that I had to begin to consider what I might consider to do for work. The guidance councilors and their guidance materials based recommendations on which subjects you performed well in or not. They clearly didn't take into account any personality or emotional aspects, nor such nebulous things like creativity or artistic abilities. Certainly they also didn't consider connections or other personal relaionships. Luckily I was self-aware and mature enough to factor in some of those on my own.
   They also didn't fully explore the wide-variety of true life choice options there really are. The formula was simply based upon getting some amount of education completed, then getting a job. Luckily some amount of true life choice was presented throughout some of the "elective" classes in college. However, it was easy to trivialize or ignore and stay focused on an already chosen course.
   Through all of the guidance and learning I discovered an answer to the question of what I wanted to do for a job. Little did I know that was an answer to an incorrect question. I should've asked another, but had blinders on at the time. And I alluded some to that in the preceding, but it is merely an aside for now.
   The answer I found to the question I did ask involved computers. I had first become interested in electricity and then electronics. I was astounded by the range of scale the study comprises. Prefixes are used to describe orders of magnitude, which is a factor of 1,000. Milli-, micro-, nano-, pico-, femto-, atto- are the prefixes which proceed smaller and smaller, where atto- represents 18 digits to the right of a decimal point. Likewise, kilo-, mega-, giga-, tera-, peta-, eta-, zeta- and yota- represent from 3 to 24 digits to the left. I think space and aeronautics is the only study with even greater range.
   Computers also represent a form of creativity for me. Having also been interested in exploring my creative side, I found them to be a fertile platform for invention and other ways to express my desire. Today I can build something entirely from scratch, or, assemble pre-build components of electronics or software. I can change my mind and throw it all away, and there is nothing lost but the 1's and 0's patterns in a memory.
   The word desire just seems a little too timid, for me. I prefer the word passion. I was passionate about pursuing a career in electronics and computers. Not only did that passion propel me to hunker down and study things that were foreign to me, but it aided in the mindset and determination to overcome any and all obstacles thrown my way. I also didn't get a job and perform it, I was always looking to fulfill additional things that were far out of scope of just a job. I pursued a path that was driven by my desires and passions. Sure I followed some of the paths recommended by others. But, I always applied my own filter. I also kept aware of remaining versatile and well-rounded. 
   I am still passionate about computers and technology. And, my wife is passionate about real estate. Together we have a shared passion to enjoy a comfortable retirement. Further I have found that I have a passion to help other people enjoy their life, too. Network Marketing is a profession with a truly level playing field. All it takes is a passion to improve oneself, help others, and a solid work ethic.

with gratitude and in service,
Tony Koker

P.S. How many times have you said YOUR self-talk today?