Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2016-06-17

 Chapter 2 - Desire

I was reading an article written by David J Ross in the Network Marketing
Times and he wrote "If we were to pinpoint the origin of most failures 
in network marketing, you could most likely boil it down to the low financial 
and emotional investment.

“Emotional investment” or as Michael says in his blue print “Emotional Attachment.”
Ross went on to write "We understand emotional attachment to the product quite easily but do
we understand emotional attachment or investment into our business."

We could describe emotional investment as Hill calls it our "desire."

Ross also wrote "In reality, keeping a new team member in the game for three years would be a
dream come true for any recruiter. In reality, most new distributors don’t see their 
first three years, simply because they have not invested enough time, money, 
or emotion in preparing themselves personally for their limitless career opportunity.

What most people fail to see is that the most powerful benefit of this profession 
is that it is “a personal development course disguised as a business.” I like to think 
of it as a PhD in Personal Development. Most world leaders in network marketing 
will tell you the same."

We definitely need "Instant gratification" with our product but it
is unrealistic to expect instant gratification in building a retirement income
in any business.

So how are we going to "stay the course"?  How are we going to keep going
when the times get tough and things are not moving as we expected or wanted?
How are we going to "keep on, keeping on", as they say in the industry?

David J. Ross, Napoleon Hill and Michael Dlouhy all basically say the same
thing, using their own words --  it all depends on "Emotional Investment, Desire,
"Emotional Attachment" and "Being all In".

In his article, David J Ross wrote "If you can’t treat it like a business, 
or you can’t treat it like a job, then please treat your network marketing 
business like a course. A personal development or “self-help” 
course to becoming the best version of yourself."

The Think & Grow Rich Lessons every week help us to do just that. This mastermind
group is our personal development or “self-help” course.  Being here and participating
helps us to attain the "best version of ourselves" and when we become the "best version
of ourselves" we will attain anything our hearts desire.

There is a learning curve, and the bridge to get us from where we begin to where we
attain our desire is "self development".   So we may want to make "self development"
one of our biggest desires.

Tuula Rands