Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2016-06-16

When I first joined network marketing My lifestyle was a very inactive one with health that needed work. This has now been turned into own greatest asset, that now I am able to attend amusement parks knowing full well that health is stable enough to be able to go on the rides, that I am able to stand for extended periods without any pain in My back along with able to assist with the movement of the train club layouts without being worried that My health is going to play up or any impact on that health. As well as being able to be a passenger service attendant for a heritage train assisting passengers to enjoy their day, getting up and down on the train and other duties needed.

All of this would have been rough to do without the desire to change own health which came 9+ years ago when I dislocated My left knee cap for the 3rd time in a number of years which was my fourth knee cap dislocation. After that dislocation I started at the Gym after being told either You lose weight or You will need a gastric banding or may even be a diabetic. That scared Me as My mum is a diabetic, who relies on medication daily to keep her diabetes under control.

After 9+ years working on My own strength and muscles that have needed to be retrained to become stronger the muscles are becoming stronger and better drawing closer to that day when will be healthy and in shape. After years of doing exercises daily My strength is gradually returning to My muscles, Growing up a healthy lifestyle was far from what knew, over the last 9+ years it has been a learning curve on its own as to what is a healthy lifestyle. However it took a scare that change my lifestyle and to have that desire to change the lifestyle.

It took the desire to get muscles strong again to keep on going to the gym, to keep on going many years later knowing that was doing was for the benefit of my own life. That desire to have health and to change own health is what is able to impact many thousands of lives to improve their own health and lifestyle, by sharing own story of changed healthy.

That same desire needs to be used to assist families to live healthier better lives through telling My own story as well as others. Sharing my own health story and how much it has changed since joining network marketing.  Having gone from being a former epileptic who had discs which were malformed and a bulging disc as well as lax muscles which would spasm when was to cold that could feel the spasm in the muscle, to learning ways to be able to keep body heat, learning what foods were healthy and needed daily and what was a good food personally as well as bad food.

It will take that same desire which was used to keep on going when was searching for love after having many rough experiences with love to be able to continue to help those who are wanting their health to help them to be able to change their own health and lifestyle.  The desire to keep on working to help them to own their health and their lives, also just continuing to live a healthy life sharing own love and passion for health with them.

Thank You so much to my amazing friends and mentors Michael and Linda Dlouhy for your ongoing guidance, love, support and encouragement. Thank You to Ken Klemm for Your own guidance and support. To my amazing beautiful wife Jenny thank You for Your own support, love and encouragement.

Love always,

With love and appreciation,

Big hugs,

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia