Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ryan McChesney Tampa, Florida, United States

Posted: 2016-06-15

Chapter 1

Thoughts Are Things


Ah, back at the first chapter of Think and Grow Rich. It doesn’t feel that long ago we were writing and sharing our lessons on this chapter. And after have gone through this book multiple times with our amazing master mind group here, this chapter gets better and better. Why? Because everything starts with a thought. For example, you didn’t just come on this page to read this lesson without having a thought of bettering yourself through personal development. Or you didn’t just make a pizza for dinner without having the thought of food, pizza, or Italian on your mind. No, the thought came first, then the action came after.


See, I wanted to include the action part after the thought because, in my opinion, some people think that we can just think our way to our dreams, without having to take action. I have mentioned this story before in the past, but I would like to bring it up again. As some of you may know, I played professional baseball for the Tampa Bay Rays. But a thought that was planted into my mind by my father when I was a young 10 year old boy, helped guide me towards becoming a professional baseball player.


My father said to me one day after I just got done playing a football game, “Son, you might not realize this, but you have a good shot at going pro in baseball if you put the work in.” Instantly, my mind took in this thought like a mama bear staying close with her cub. This thought was on my mind every day, and at times, felt like every minute throughout the day. But was it the thought that made me a professional ball player? Not entirely. When I took this thought in, and kept it on my mind every day, it planted desire to take action and make it happen. I practiced day in, and day out. There were times that my dad and coach told me to take a day off because I was practicing and playing so much. But the thought of becoming pro made me want to keep going, even through the struggles that I encountered with.


And I believe the same thing applies here. We all had a thought that made us take action to join network marketing. The thought is the foundation of everything else. So, I ask you, what was the thought that made you join network marketing? And is that thought being backed up by action?


Ryan McChesney

Tampa, Florida