Think & Grow Rich Lessons
David Calicotte Hannibal, Missouri, USA

Posted: 2016-06-14



The more I read this book and listen to the calls, the more I am starting to understand that it is all up to me.

I'm the one who is in control of how my life is going to turn out. It is all about learning how to control your

thoughts. Like Michael is always saying 'Learn how to think, not what to think!'. I have to admit, I don't

have full control of my mind; YET. But it is getting better everyday because I now realize when the

negative thoughts start running in my mind, I am able to shut them off and stop them by focusing on

something positive in my life. When I get around people that are just pouring out the negative puke,

I can turn them off now and I don't hear any of it. I'm still working on shutting off the chatter and keeping

focused on the positive things and my desire, but like I said, it's getting better and easier everyday.

I realize now that before you can really succeed at anything you have to get control of your own mind

and your own thoughts. 




Thank you Michael & Linda and everyone on the calls for not just teaching me but showing me

how this works.


Forever Grateful,

David Calicotte